Back to reality again.

We had a wonderful weekend vacation, but did not fare well on the race track! My poor hubby struggled all weekend with his new car and could not get it to work well until the last minute. He started last in his heat race and finished second to last after hitting a spun out car. Then, he started sixth in the B main, fell back to eighth and finished there. He was so frustrated after that night and I feel so bad when I just don’t know what to say to make him feel better! He is always supportive and encouraging for me so I tried my hardest to be the same for him. I must have finally said something right because I convinced him to keep racing and trying the second night. He missed the registration time so he has to start last again in the last chance race. He had ten laps to move from 15th to 4th! Man he had his work cut out for him! His car was working so much better and he finished sixth! We were bummed not to make the big show, but so happy that we learned about the new race car and how to make it run better! I think he can go home feeling happy now!

Before all of our racing struggles we took one full day of tourist activities a d loved it! We got up at four in the morning to make it to the Grand Canyon by sunrise! The problem: I didn’t realize Vegas and the west rim are in different time zones!! So, because of my lapse in accurate planning we missed it by an hour! Nonetheless is was gorgeous in the early mining!


Hubby didn’t join us because of his fear of heights, but I went with my Mom and Dad onto the Grand Canyon skywalk and that was so very cool! It’s a glass horseshoe shaped walkway over 4,000 feet above the canyon. I thought I could do it no problem, but I really struggled to get out there! I did better if I just never looked down! So other than the paralyzing fear and dizziness the experience up there was incredible! There were gorgeous views! Here is us goofing off of the skywalk:


That night was fun too, we went and hung out on the Stip. I realized Vegas isn’t all that exciting when you’re not a big drinker or gambler! So, we tried to catch the free shows and were only successful at seeing the dancing waters at Bellagio:


The next day while the boys went to the track, mom and I just bummed around and went through the shops at the Venetian. All the casinos were decorated so beautifully for autumn!



That’s all I have for now and all of these photos were taken with my iPhone and a few were edited using the Instagram App. I will try to find some time to post more photos from my SLR camera later this week!!
Enjoy all the small moments! ~Jay

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