Happy Thanksgiving!

Jason and I spent Thanksgiving with my parents and it turned into a low-key, peaceful holiday…which I am very thankful for! We spent the morning sleeping in and playing with our dogs before heading out to my parents’ house. I took a quick minute to capture our cheesy family photo at home, like we do each Thanksgiving!


The day with my family consisted of a delicious meal, starting a new family tradition, keeping up with some older traditions and of course, Early Black Friday Shopping. I didn’t have time to catch many photos of the food my Mom and Dad prepared, but I was quick enough to snap a picture of the centerpiece my Mom set out:


After eating, I convinced my entire family (Dad, brother and hubby included) to start a new annual Thanksgiving tradition. I believe I saw this idea on Pinterest and I just could not resist! We took a tablecloth that I had around the house and a sharpie (gasp!) and all filled a box with what we were thankful for this year, our names and the year. So, for now, only five boxes are filled with writing, but the goal is to add to it each year and fill the entire thing with the wonderful things we are thankful for in our lives! Here is what it looked like for us to start the tradition:


Then after we wrote our sentiments out in permanent marker, we headed straight into the older tradition of playing board games and eating pie all afternoon! This year it was Sequence, which is such a beloved game in our family that the board is literally falling apart where it folds in half!


Then, we were so full that we drug ourselves over to the couch and plopped down with the shopping ads! It is ever so important for my parents to plan out their evening of shopping! They need to choose what stores, what times and what items to grab first! I never knew this was such a big deal, but my Dad let me in on a little secret, telling me that Black Friday is my Mom’s “super bowl!”


Jason and I are not really into the Black Friday shopping at all! We like to go to Michael’s on Thursday night and get a new piece for our Christmas village each year, but that’s about it. This year we were oh-so-brave and ventured to Walmart with my Mom for the “first event,” where Mom’s goal was to get two crock pots, a stick vacuum and several boxes of Rubbermaid containers. I happily stood back and took some photos of the action while Jason took video! I was quite taken back by all the action! Mom even made friends while waiting in line and they all made a plan for how best to grab the crock pots (one gentleman was to grab the boxes and they would all hand them back in line until each had their carts full!) Who knew?

You learn something new every day, I suppose! Jason and I are heading to Lincoln tomorrow for his championship banquet for dirt track racing! When I am back and things calm down (hopefully!) next week, I am super excited to scrapbook Thanksgiving and share my newest pages! And maybe somewhere in there I will decorate for Christmas…remember, I am trying my absolute hardest to stay upbeat and in the holiday spirit!

Have a great day everyone…make the best of each moment and make sure to document them all!


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