Motivated Monday!

I always joke (usually with only myself) that Monday is really Motivated Monday. You know how most people say they hate Mondays? I am a bit different and generally dislike Tuesdays and love Mondays. I know, I know…I’m weird!

The reason I love Mondays is because I set my calendar up with Mondays as the first day of the week. Monday represents a BRAND new start and another week to try and accomplish something! I will be honest and tell you that this wave of optimism and motivation usually only lasts until Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon!

For some really crazy reason, I am just feeling geared up to take on the world this week! I am sitting here at my desk and just making mental notes and digital lists about what things I want to accomplish this week. To further ensure my dedication to the tasks, I thought I would blog them so that I feel some pressure to get them done! Here is my list of *hopeful* to-dos this week:

1. Thanks to the Daily-Digi for the 100 item clean up challenge, I am hoping to clean out some *stuff* that doesn’t serve me very well anymore! I am thinking of cleaning out the magazines, the DVDs, my bathroom drawers, and possibly my scrap room. Now that I have gone to digital, I don’t feel like I need all of my paper products and hope that some of my Instagram friends would like me to send them things later in the week!

2. Thanks to Pinterest I saw a 52 week organizational challenge. My first thought was “Oh, how great would that be to do in 2013!” But then motivated Monday took over and convinced me that I should at least do the last few weeks of 2012, because it’s never to early to start organizing! I looked at the list for this week and it talks about organizing formal china and everyday dishes. It couldn’t have been some easy task to start when silly Motivated Monday took over?!?! We will see how organizing the kitchen cabinets goes!

3. Get some type of Christmas decorating done! I tend to make unrealistic lists for myself, so I am going to say that if I get the Christmas tree up this week that would be a great start! That way, if I get anything done above and beyond the tree, that’s just icing on the cake!

4. Digi scrap mania! I would really like to get my Project Life album caught up this week! I think I skipped and am missing two or maybe three weeks. I think I could get that done in the evenings if I focus and stop watching so much TV. I would also like to get a lot closer to being done with my hubby’s Christmas present album. I feel like I need to get that ordered pretty soon to beat the Christmas rush! I think I have ten more layouts of racing to complete and that task is finished!

5. It’s important for me to make a conscious effort to find some time for me. This week I would really like to do a couple things that only benefit me and how I am feeling (as I have been battling the blues lately). I would like to drink more water each day, make sure to do my stretching every day and I would like to try a Yoga workout two or maybe three times throughout the week.

I am thinking even though Motivated Monday always gives me a crazy sense of super power, like I can do anything and everything, that the list I just made is reasonable. On top of sharing anything I get done with Project Life and Holiday Fun this week, I will try to keep you updated on how many things I get accomplished from this list!

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  1. I love this! I still am not a huge fan of Mondays (the whole going back to work thing), but I’m usually making all kinds of lists/goals on Monday morning too. I’m always so motivated on Monday mornings!

    • How long does the motivation last? Mine usually lasts until about 10:00am on Mondays! hee hee!

      • Ha! Me too for the most part. Well, I’m usually pretty motivated while at work all day, thinking about all of the things I want to accomplish when I get home. Somewhere on the drive home that gets lost. 🙂

      • Same here!! I make to do lists all day long about the decorating or baking or scrapping or projects I want to do and then I get home and just want to read on the couch! lol!

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