Podcast love!

I wanted to blog something today, because I was feeling the itch to write! But honestly, I have nothing big to talk about! I didn’t scrap anything new yesterday; in fact, all I did was shop! I can show a couple silly pictures from my shopping adventures!


The sweater dress I was finally brave enough to purchase!


Matching scarves I considered buying for my friend and myself.


More scarves I considered, but didn’t end up getting!

What I really wanted to write about today…because let’s be honest, my shopping wasn’t that interesting…was how much I love the Digi Show podcast that goes along with the Daily Digi website! If you are a digital scrapbooker, then you would LOVE this too! If you are a member of the Daily Digi you get several themed digital kits (usually valued around $50) for $7.50! Along with that it comes with a “Playbook,” which is an ebook written about how to use the kits and new tips and tricks for digi scrapping! They also have a blog with daily inspirational quotes! I signed up in November and loved both the November and the December kits! Amazing!

I’ve also been listening to the podcast each week! I feel addicted because I check every day if there is a new one out or not! When there isn’t a new one, I simply listen to the old ones! I think they have sixty-some podcasts right now and I am not even a quarter of the way through! The ladies sit and chat about inspiring ideas and more tips for digi scrapping! If you like to listen to music while crafting like I do, then I think you might like listening to the Digi Show podcast and hearing what these wonderful ladies have to say!

I guess that’s all I really have to share right now! For me, it’s back to the grind and trying to teach my kiddos something in Spanish! Que tenga un buen dia… have a good one! And remember to enjoy the little moments!

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  1. If you like the Digi Show, you’d probably like the Paperclipping Roundtable too. The Digi Show was originally a spin off from PRT and I’ve been listening to both of them since they started. PRT is more paper scrapbooking based, but I think you’d still like it. They mostly talk about topics/ideas for scrapbooking rather than paper scrapping. Last week’s was about December holiday scrapping. The PRT podcast is normally released Wed or Thur and the Digi Show normally comes out Thurs night/Friday morning. 🙂

    • Thank you!! I am loving listening to podcasts while I scrap…I am listening to the most recent roundtable right now!!!


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