Mini vacay…yes please!

I am finally feeling productive, positives and caught up! How awesome is that feeling??

I spent all of last weekend editing senior portraits and I only have one more to go! Here are some of my favorites from recent sessions:






And one more just for fun, because I love a well worn in pair of cowboy boots!


So, like the title says I am on vacay for the weekend! Hubby and I are headed to Las Vegas for a very big race! And, since I am a good racing wife, I just built a vacation around the race schedule! My parents will be with us and while the boys go to the track each day, Mom and I will be touring before going to cheer them on! We are hoping to make it to the Grand Canyon, a mini spa day, a little shopping and of course lots of picture taking!

The love to travel! I will not say no to a vacation or trip ever! But I am not good at packing nor am I good at actually leaving home! How does that work, anyway? I kid you not, I checked the weather for Vegas but still could not decide what season to pack for…so I brought it all. I have t-shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, hoodies and a tank top … I’m ready for anything! The funniest part for me is the fact that I filled the big suitcase all on my own and my hubby just has the little carry-on suitcase! How am I ever going to pack everything for Mexico!?!

I also got very stressed out lady night before leaving! Teachers have toget everything ready for substitute teachers and it gets a little tricky! So I made us a little behind schedule trying to get everything in order while I am away! Then I was close to tears getting in the truck…I did not want to leave our dogs behind again! Our smallest one, Howie, got hurt this week and I so wish I could have brought him with us! But, dogs aren’t allowed at the time share, so we left them in the loving hands of our neighbor.

And, now we are on the road with the race car in tow! We have about another five hours in the car until we see the Strip! Here is a little peek at our trip so far:



That is hubby planning our road trip with my parents last night, some of the scenery near Grand Junction, Colorado and of course the “on the road fine dining!” I will try my best to post while I am gone! Otherwise, everyone have a wonderful week and weekend!!